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Wolf Traffic Weekly AutoSurf Contest!

5 Weekly Winners!
Must surf 20000 sites minimum to qualify!

1st Place 2000
2nd Place 1500
3rd Place 1000
4th Place 500
5th Place 250
Only Free members & Level 1 are eligible,
others will not be shown here!

More Surfing you do the higher your ranking will be!
Check out the Monthly Contest too!
Auto Surfing Contest
From: 2021-12-31 through 2024-12-31.
Up to 5 winners every 1 Weeks
For Level(s): 0,1

Contest starting: 2023-02-24

And lasting for 1 Week
Position (winner?) User #/pages surfed
1 (Y) 6260-bob3271 60,252
2 (Y) 6464-Elena Rudneva 31,882
3 (n) 6356-willyo 9,879
4 (n) 6605-hadj amine 7,441
5 (n) 6567-ferraramacchineolearie 6,077
6 (-) 6598-sphere21 4,507
7 (-) 6267-Alfonso Palumbo 4,167
8 (-) 6016-elg2020 3,420
9 (-) 6185-Amazing Bible 3,206
10 (-) 6232-manythanks 2,261
11 (-) 6604-caseycberg 1,928
12 (-) 5148-dalelorenzo 1,678
13 (-) 6346-Henk Stabij 1,288
14 (-) 6223-Powerful health business 825
15 (-) 6502-Herbalistic 697
16 (-) 5496-Rob aka Cerberus 485
17 (-) 6537-giodim 310
18 (-) 6157-Blas_1 73
19 (-) 6465-massivetraffic4u 65
20 (-) 6584-charmsalma 11
21 (-) 5710-Anatolij Komisarchuk 1

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